This Initiative Is The Brainchild Of KASIREDDY SHARAT REDDY, a strong believer in the idea of ‘Bharat’ and its rich cultural heritage. After observing the de-generative nature of modern day residential societies for many years, he along with like-minded enthusiasts started working on the initiative of creating sustainable community living spaces through a service model. Atmeeya Homes Private Limited is a formalization of this service model wherein we associate with residential project developers and builders and conceptualize projects that are non-conventional and are designed to suit sustainable community living. These living space (Houses & Apartments) projects are unique as they have a differentiation built in right from the architectural design, amenities offered and services provided.



We believe it’s our Swadharma to create and develop communities that can revive the dying traditions and cultural ethnicity of our nation.


To partner in developing residential projects and transforming them into sustainable community living spaces that inculcates the culture of celebrating life through cultural rejuvenation and belief in shared values.



  • Our Mission is to design living solutions and service models with activities and interventions that make community living a way of life in collaboration with developers and residential construction companies.

  • We aim to create harmonious spaces and avenues for conversations to develop a sense of belonging; community development and nurturing through sustainable engagement models.

  • Facilitating interactions among the residential community members early to build an attachment and emotional bond of togetherness.

  • We would want to consciously make our customers appreciate the benefits of community living and celebration of life with others.